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Backup & Recovery

Guide to Symantec Recovery and Backup Products

You can use this guide to find the recovery or backup product appropriate to your organization's needs.

Symantec System Recovery and Symantec Backup Exec are two families of applications designed to protect an organization's data from losses due to system failures.

Disaster Planning and Recovery Toolkit

Resources to help you keep disasters from becoming disastrous

Disaster preparedness isn't just about being ready for a fire or earthquake; it’s a nimble, flexible approach to your organization’s day-to-day programs and operations.

Privacy and Data Concerns for Nonprofits

We are awash in a sea of data, and we’re not handling it well.  Literally. Nonprofits, like every other organization or corporation, are taking in more information than ever before, and more than we know how to handle. 

How to Assess your IT Needs and Implement Technology at your Nonprofit

Technology projects are a big undertaking for nonprofits, especially when budgeting is tight. However, any organization can perform a tech self-assessment with the guidance in this post, and better understand the shortcomings of their networks and their future technology needs.

Protect your Computer Systems with Horizon DataSys

TechSoup Canada is proud to announce Horizon DataSys as our newest donor partner! Horizon Datasys is a software development company that provides instant-recovery software that keeps computers in a preset state, which can help you instantly recover from any IT catastrophe.

Bitdefender’s Got Your Back

Bitdefender wants to be the Bodyguard to your Whitney Houston, but your nonprofit is not sure about making the commitment. Will Bitdefender Small Office Security be able to thwart any malicious viruses and malware? Will Bitdefender Internet Security and Anti-virus for Mac be capable of detecting new threats? We’re here to help.

Email Continuity - Hosted Solutions and Their Benefits

Email has become deeply ingrained in nonprofit operations. Internal communications are often accomplished more by email than by phone or face-to-face meetings. Communications with external constituents, donors, partners, and other organizational contacts are perhaps even more dependent on email. Calls and meetings are scheduled by email; decisions are made based on email correspondence; inquiries, proposals, and contracts are sent by email; communications both mundane and critically important are these days handled by email more than by any other medium.

Your Organization’s Backup Strategy

Best practices, helpful tips, and useful checklists for effective backup systems at your organization

By: ONE/Northwest, Kevin Lo, and Elliot Harmon

February 2, 2010

Local Backup for Your Organization

Keep your friends close and your backups near (and far)

By: ONE/Northwest, Elliot Harmon, and Kevin Lo

February 9, 2010