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Document Management

Do-it-Yourself Desktop Troubleshooting

Computer not working? Before calling support or taking it to a repair shop, learn some basic desktop troubleshooting techniques. Checking out these tips may save you time and money.

Your Nonprofit Needs a Wiki: How to Revitalize Your Knowledge Management

Does your nonprofit have turnover in volunteers or staff that sometimes results in lost organizational knowledge? Do you have remote staff or volunteers emailing each other for basic instructions or process guidelines? Does onboarding new staff or volunteers take time because instructions can be hard to remember or documentation becomes easily outdated?

How to use Google Drive as your nonprofit’s file system

Google Apps is a popular option for nonprofits, however it seems that many people are confused about the file/documents part of the suite, Google Drive (GDrive). In this post I’ll discuss whether you should be using GDrive for your files and explain how to set it up for use at an organization.

Jane vs. Tierney: Tierney's Huddle Review

Jane vs Tierney 2013

Is your organization working for a better way to coordinate your work in an online, flexible way? In this Jane vs. Tierney review on project management tools, I’ll be looking at Huddle.

Jane vs. Tierney: The Team Project Management Challenge

Jane vs Tierney 2013
Do you find that you’re wasting time when working with others - sending files back and forth, looking for buried emails that contained important information, keeping track of who’s working on what? Maybe this is happening internally, or with your board, or between branches. Since most nonprofits rely primarily on email (or paper), almost everyone has this problem. In this review, we’re going to take a look at software for team project management/collaboration that will help you out with these issues.

Jane vs. Tierney: the Document Collaboration Challenge

Are you new to Jane vs. Tierney? Check out our intro and our previous challenges on email newsletters and online event registration.

Tierney vs Jane

Making Sense of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Update January 29 2013: The version of SharePoint now available through TechSoup Canada is SharePoint Server 2013

April 6, 2011

By: Tierney Smith

Are you looking for a way to collaborate with coworkers and organize your documents? Have you heard of SharePoint and are wondering what it is and if you should use it? This article aims to de-mystify SharePoint and give you the basic details.

SharePoint 2010 for Nonprofits and Libraries

What’s new in Microsoft’s latest integrated-management platform

Update January 29 2013: The version of SharePoint now available through TechSoup Canada is SharePoint Server 2013

This article was adapted from TechSoup Global.

By: Chris Peters

June 21, 2010

A Few Good Tools for Sharing Files with Distributed Groups

Software for viewing and collaborating on documents

This article was adapted from TechSoup Global

March 17, 2008